2010 Reconocimiento Awards Winners Roundtable

by Kelly Mullaney on abril 13, 2011

Got Inspiration? Leadership? Vision?

2010 Reconocimiento Awards Winners

That was my tagline for the roundtable event Latinas Unidas organized with the 2010 Reconocimiento Awards Winners at the Wilson Commencement Park.

Every year for the last 17 years Latinas Unidas has been recognizing local Latinas in the Rochester area that are making a different in the community, whether excelling in their careers, serving as an example in leadership or volunteering during the Reconocimiento Awards Luncheon. Unfortunately we would not hear from the winners until the next awards event. What a pity, right?

That's why I was so happy when I learned starting this year, the organization would add another event in the annual program that would give us an opportunity to meet them “up close and personal”: the Reconocimiento Awards Winners Roundtable.

The 2010 Reconocimiento Awards recipients are:

Marisol Ramos-LopezLeadership Achievement Award, Administrator for the Northeast Neighborhood Service Center of the City of Rochester, and an advocate on increasing awareness about sexual abuse victims.

Diana M. IrizarryVolunteer Achievement Award, a Monroe County Family Court Support Magistrate, with a legal career standing up for the rights of women and children in need.

Sara Pabon JordanCareer Achievement Award, Registered Nurse, mother, wife, admired by her peers and with an inspiring story of achievements.

Nicolette KaneYoung Latina Leader, an honor student, athlete and dedicated to community service. I attended the event and it was a pleasure to learn more about them, her stories and what are they doing now


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