Latism, BlogWorld, Disney World and Dreams Coming True

by Kelly Mullaney on mayo 23, 2011

I'm going to BlogWorld!

You know those Disney World commercials right after they announce the winner from the SuperBowl or the American Idol… They ask them “So-and-so, you just become the newest so-and-so. What are you gonna do next?” Well, that's how I felt when I heard the news. But Iwas shouting: “I'm going to BlogWorld!

Yep, I'm one of the winner of a conference pass for BlogWorld, the Disney World of social media, so you will understand why I was jumping up and down when I got the news.  Thanks to the partnership between Latism and BlogWorld, Latinos in Social Media (LATISM) was able to bring 100 of its members to this renown event. A big change from the BlogWorld Las Vegas that Latism's Chair Ana Roca Castro found two years ago…

Latism Dreams Come True

As Ana writes in the Latism blog, LATISM dreams come true, increasing the participation of Latino bloggers in BlogWorld from 5 to 100 is a dream come true, especially since Latinos are vastly underrepresented in the Technology field.

For over a year now Latism has been promoting the presence of Latinos online and their participation in national social media related conferences. Partnering with event organizers,  through fundraisers, and sponsorships, they have been able to provide full and partial scholarships to blogeras and blogeros, who are now part of the growing Latism community.

As an example, last year Latism provided scholarships to 14 blogeras to attend BlogHer 2010. This was my first BlogHer experience, a great event with over 3,000 participants, it left my head spinning. It was during this conference that I was fortunate to meet and share time with the most amazing group of Latina women, smart and beautiful, to whom I still feel a close bond.

Some of the Latinas attending BlogHer 2010


And to put a cherry on the icing of the cake, I will also be attending the May 25th TweeUp that LATISM-NY has organized with the sponsorship of Univision, with a panel on the topic “Los Estados Unidos and the emerging Hispanic political clout”.

During this meeting Latism-NY will also be collecting donations for the the LATISM Sustainable Development Project.


I feel very proud to be part of a remarkable organization like LATISM. I can envision more big things coming our way. The dream is just beginning…

Will you join us?


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